1 Year Spoken English Courses For Adults

1 Year Spoken English Courses For Adults

This is 1 year Spoken English Courses For Adults.  People from all walks of life students’ professionals, businessmen, and housewife come to IEL to develop their communicative skill accent is training, vocabulary bulling & interview skills. This is the only institute which will give you extra 2-4 months extra classes until you have fluency. Our course includes.


  1.  Basic Grammar
  2.  Day to day questions of our day to day affairs
  3.  How to give presentation
  4.  Fluency
  5.  English News Reading
  6.  Accents Training (Both British & American)
  7.  Personality development & Grooming
  8.  150 Interview questions and tricky answer



  • Duration : 1 Year
  • Classes are 1 Day in a Week
2 to 4 Months Extra Class.

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