School English courses for IV – XII W.B., ICSE, ISC, CBSE

School English courses for IV – XII W.B., ICSE, ISC, CBSE

We have carefully structured and divided school English into three modules.

  1. Text – Our efficient teachers explain all the chapters in details. Explain intricate portions for weaker students we give extra classes. Students are provided with high standard notes and taught the technique to write to the point answer to obtain full marks.
  2. Grammar & unseen passage – we teach functional grammar and advanced grammar to our learners. We have a different set of question papers from easy to the hardest. Solving these papers becomes immensely helpful to the students and they easily get full marks in grammar for unseen passages we provide different passages to students from different books, journals, magazines & newspapers.

Writing Skill – Our students are taught how to write flawless English we help them to learn how to write paragraphs, essays, letters, application also learn to use good idiomatic expression, phraseology and enriched vocabulary. Our students attain command over writing skill for writing minimum 100-150 essays every year.


  • Duration : 1 Year
  • Classes are 3 Days in a Week

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